Sign Design Illustrations and Presentations
We provide sign company salespeople the dynamic, photo-realistic
sales tools that give their clients a more-than-memorable first
impression. By using a Sales driven (pain/need-based) approach to
sign design, Charbonized sign presentations can actually improve
closing ratios as well as increase the bottom line.

From initial sketch concepts to the photo realistic day-view and
night-view illustrations and final fabrication files, the Sign Design
package addresses the clients needs from a sales-driven, consultative
approach by using the design presentation as a closing tool, and not
just a pretty picture.

Environmental Graphic Design Solutions
It's about creating the right feeling, mood and environment through
creative, iconic signage that explains where to go, how to get there,
and what you might find along the way. We provide logical solutions
to way finding challenges that clarify, direct and inform the visitor.  
We offer a customized "boutique" solution for properties who may not
need all of the bells and whistles that larger EGD firms have to offer.

Logo, Print and Identity Graphic Design
There's so much to be considered when designing a company logo. It's
usually the first thing that people think of when they are recalling a
business they have heard about, or want to learn more about. With
over 30 years experience in commercial graphic design, we dig deep
into your clients marketing, history, experience, product, background
and objectives in order to provide logo concepts that not only fit the
business model, but also reflects the emotional core of the owners
business' philosophy.

However, the logo is but one tool in the marketing bag so an identity
must also be created that presents the logo within the correct visual
surroundings.  The Identity of a company incorporates all that the logo
is and does, and surrounds it with supportive graphic elements and
icons, colors, themes, styles and layout.

Menu's, Brochures, Flyers, E-mailers, POS, Stationary.... We also
provide all print and marketing material design, setup and
management of the printing process for a turn-key delivery.    

Product photography, finished sign day and night views, photo
manipulation and site survey photo instructions are yet another
service we provide.

Hand Lettering
The lost art of sign writing is still alive and well at the Charboneau
Studio.  Available for on-site or in-shop sign production services.